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Rocky Green King

10in Honeycomb Bong with Recycler

10in Honeycomb Bong with Recycler

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This trippy piece features a honeycomb single stack percolator with a recycler.

The purpose of the recycler is to constantly cycle your smoke, while the percolator breaks up the smoke into tiny bubbles so that its surface area can be further exposed to the cooling effects of water. This also makes the smoke smoother!

With a height of 10in and glass thickness of 4mm, you're looking at a decent-sized piece to use as your daily smoker, or even entertain at parties! 

The bowl can be selected as a bowl for normal use or as a quartz banger for concentrates. The bowl base is an incredible 18.8mm for max smoke flow. 

Honey Comb Recycler Bong Specifics

Height: 25cm = 9.8 in

Glass Thickness: 4mm

Colors: Blue or Black

Joint: 18.8mm detachable Bowl or quartz banger

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