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Rocky Green King

Girly 14.5in Straight Tube Bubbler

Girly 14.5in Straight Tube Bubbler

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This 14.5in straight tube bong comes with a bowl or a banger for concentrate use.

The simplistic design of this straight tube gives this bong its incredible14.5in profile and its 18.8mm joint lets you take in plenty of smoke, for big hits and great smoke sessions.

The bong's filtration capability is modest, using just a diffuser to help bubble the smoke, but the less filtered smoke creates more favorable hits.

This bong by design is simple, but the bong is capable with 5mm thick glass and 780g weight to give this water-pipe a solid sturdy profile you'll be sure to enjoy. 

We also come in 3 fun colors! Girly Pink!, Blue or Green.

14.5in Bubbler Specifics

Height: 14.5in

Thickness: 5mm

Bongs Joint: 18.8mm

Color: Pink, blue, or green

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Arrival 1-4 weeks

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