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Rocky Green King

7.8in Unique Ball Percolator

7.8in Unique Ball Percolator

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This crazy bong measures a modest 7.8in tall and uses a unique ball percolator to help break that smoke into smaller bubbles to help filter and cool down the smoke. 

This bong is smaller in size but is good for those that like more flavor in their smoke.  This ball percolator comes in purple in Green.

May not be the biggest of bongs, but it is an interesting stunna!

Unique Ball Percolator Specifics

Height: 20cm = 7.8cm

Colors: Purple or Green

Joint: 14.5mm female

Thickness: 4mm

Weight: .4kg

Package Weight: .78kg

International Tracking Number Provided Within 5 Business Days

There May be Shipping Delays Due to Covid-19 So Please be patient. 60-day delays

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