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Rocky Green King

Black Ball RIg

Black Ball RIg

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Our Black Ball Rig is probably one of our interesting pieces to date!

Call it part bubbler, part recycler, and part percolator...

The rig's ball aids to spread and diffuse the smoke. Definitely a very interesting piece!

Ball rig for sale! A piece perfect for herbs and dabs.

Item specifics

  • Material: Glass  
  • Net Weight: 420g  
  • Base Diameter: 7.5cm  
  • Packing Weight: 0.8kg  
  • Height: 24cm=9"  
  • Joint: 14.5mm Female  
  • Color: Black
*Glass Bowl and Ceramic Nail Included!

*Ceramic Nails withstand High heat - perfect for concentrates - while the Glass Bowl is perfect for Herbs

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