Mid sized Percolator Dab Rig

  • $60.00
  • Save $60

Dab Rigs are typically used for concentrates. But Here we are proud to present a rig that can do both!

Our dab rig comes with:

  • 5mm Thick glass
  • Percolation
  • bowl & banger
  • carb cap


 If you need to smoke some herb we have the bowl included ready to go!

If you have some shatter or wax - just torch up our included banger and get that hit!

    A large bong is more expensive, yet a bong of this caliber would easily cost $90+ at other headshops!


    Bowl, Banger, and Carb Cap  Included!


    Length:  29cm = 11.5 inches

    Thickness: 5mm

    Joint Size: 14.5 mm

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