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Rocky Green King

Cute Dab rigs under $50

Cute Dab rigs under $50

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We are proud to present 8 different colors variations of our cute dab rigs for under 50 dollars!

  • These rigs come with a free quarts banger that is perfect for torching those dabs!
  • This 6.5in rig is cute and can be passed around easily; comes with durable 5mm thick glass, to help prevent those nasty breaks.
  • This rig functions as a basic bubbler unit which will save those tasty concentrate flavors and give one helluva hit!

Item specifics

  • Material: Glass  
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Joint Width: 14.5mm 
  • Height: 6.5in = 16cm
  • Quarts Banger included!
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