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Rocky Green King

Cute Flower Small Bong

Cute Flower Small Bong

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Here is a gorgeous flower bong to add that girly touch to your smoking routine. This bong is small measuring at 5 inches... with a cute flower with petals to add that unique touch to your new favorite bong.

This small bong size makes it easy to clean and is super portable and is small enough to fit in a purse or simply for sitting on the sofa and taking a drag. We must warn that this bong is small... if you're looking for a bong with more surface area for smoking we recommend a much bigger bong.

Hey but this bong is girly and cute! With a bong so pretty maybe small is good?

Cute Flower Small Bong Specifics:

Height: 12.5cm = 14.9 in

Bong Joint: 14mm Female 

Bowl Size: 14mm Male

Colors: Blue, Green and White


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