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Rocky Green King

Fluorite Crystal Pipe

Fluorite Crystal Pipe

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Our RockyGreenKing Flourite quartz glass pipe is carved from fluorite quartz crystal better known for its many healing properties!


Embrace the strange properties of crystal stones and become a real a real stoner! (pun intended)


  • Our hand carved 4-inch crystal pipe is like no other.


  • Some crystals go for this price alone... except you can smoke out of ours!


  • Can be cleaned like a regular Pipe!



Size: 8-10cm   / 3.5-4n        (varies due to the stone)

Color: Deep

Quantity: 1 Piece

Shape: Free type


Shiping World Wide! :)

*some cracking may occur in the stone. normal from sanding in our manufacturing process

*we do not endorse healing properties

Free shipping worldwide within 27 days

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