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Freezable Glycerin Coil Hammer Bubbler

Freezable Glycerin Coil Hammer Bubbler

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This Freezable Glycerin Hammer Bubbler is super portable and is great for smoking on the go!

  • Crazy affordable compared to other hammers on the market
  • Simply fill this bubbler with water, freeze it, and get smooth smoke with our liquid glycerin coil, which is user safe, and keeps your smoke cooled and ready to go!
  • All sections of the Freezable Glycerin Hammer Bubbler are detachable which makes cleaning a lot easier. 
  • The hammer shape allows it to rest nicely on any surface, and is always pick-up ready to smoke!

Hammer Bubbler Features

Length: 8.5in

Weight: 150g

Color: Clear with Black Keck Clips

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