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Rocky Green King

Inline Perc Bong Tree Bong Special

Inline Perc Bong Tree Bong Special

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Our Inline Perc Bong features a tree perc to make that smoke sesh ultra special :)

Tree percs are known for bubbling as beautiful as they look - and are a classic when it comes to percolation.

While tree percs have been known to be less effective than the more popular honeycomb perc... we made sure to include an ultra long inline perc so you can still get decent percolation while enjoying a gorgeous bong.

Our inline tree perc bong measures a quaint 10.5 inches and comes with a matching bowl!

Item specifics

Height: 10.5in = 27cm

Glass: Pyrex

Percolator type: inline and tree

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Arrival 1-4 weeks

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One pinch bowl, one bong. One great special price :)

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