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Rocky Green King

Lava Lamp bong

Lava Lamp bong

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What is the Lava Lamp Bong?

This might not be a lava lamp, in the traditional sense of lighting up, but you can sure blaze it up! (if you know what I mean). 

It can  be nice to look at,  while your up in the clouds, the different blobs and shapes just might just make it come to life!

Save a volcano and get the Lava lamp bong today!

The Lava Lamp Bong Specs

The Lava Lamp bong comes with a built in diffuser for a smooth hit and it chugs super nice. The small beaker base makes it easy to hold in your hand.

Height: 20cm=7.8in

Joint Size: 14.5m Female

Thickness: 5mm

Net Weight: 315g

Package Weight: 700g

1 Lamp Bong + 1 Glass bowl


The bong may be off by 1cm in measurement

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