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Rocky Green King

Raptor Dinosaur Bong

Raptor Dinosaur Bong

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Rawr! Re-ignite your prehistoric lungs to the raptor dinosaur bong!


  • Features Eight terrifying claws!


  • 2 Glass white daggers on each hand and 2 white claws on each foot. Comes in green or blue.


Bong Uses and Features


  • Use this as your special smoking piece. Looks great as a centerpiece and even better up in smoke.


  • Pinch Bowl is included (as seen in the picture).


  • Pinch bowl is good for herbs and has a mini handle to pinch and grab.


  • Load herbs in through the back of the dino and smoke comes out the mouth!


Raptor Rig Specifications

Weight: 375g

Height: 17cm = 6.7in (approx)

-This is a smaller sized bong, good for holding

Joint: 14.4mm female

This bong is compatible with most 14mm male bowls


Arrival in  1-4 weeks

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