Girly Bubblers

There are many varieties of girly bongs available on our collections. This page explores some of the girly bubblers we have for sale!

What is a Girly Bubbler?

A girly bubbler is small, portable bong with a girly twist,  and uses a single bubbler to help filter your smoke. Smoke fills the small, central chamber where you can then smoke it and than pass it on to the next person. 

The Mini Purple Bubblers

This small bubbler has a small matrix percolator, to provide the bubbles, and being so small and portable. You can't go wrong with this $47 dollar piece. This bong only comes in purple. 

Cute Multi Color Bubblers.

These cute girly bubblers come in many different colors and can be used for concentrates as well as with a bowl. These small little bubblers are super affordable. Too cute to be a "throw away bubbler" but small enough to travel with!

Mini Pink Bubbler

This Mini Pink Bubbler is perfect for use as a bubbler. Simple in design, but makes it easier to clean, and easier to pass around!

The Girly Bubbler

The girly bubbler has striped pink lines that go all around the bong. This adorable bubbler can be cleared quickly and is also super affordable for a bubbler!

Penis Bong Bubbler

This Penis bubbler is so special that it has its own penis category on our store. You can use this bubbler to smoke, and few people are bound to have a girl bubbler as crazy as yours!


If you would like to look at more girly bubblers, feel free to check out our girly bong shop.

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