Stoners Wishlist

We offer many products in our head shop. Now we would like to showcase our most desired items.

Here the 2018 stoner wishlist:

From our Bongs

Stoners everywhere rejoice: Items such as our Green bong filters smoke and uses percolation to give your hit that ultra smooth rip; at $80 USD it is a steal deal.

These bongs would easily go over a 100 at your standard headshops.

Check out more from our Bong Shop


From our Grinders

What does every stoner need? A good grinder to get that herb perfectly crushed! Our mini grey grinder is small and affordable; while our large black grinder can get any leaf ground to perfection.

Don't waste premium herb, crush it just right and get those trichomes in your bowl for powerful stoned high.

Check out our Grinder Shop's larger selection.

From our Pipes

Some stoners would prefer the ease of smoking out of a pipe. Our silicone pipe is a quick, easy, entry-level buy for anyone desiring a quick rip without breaking your stoners budget.

The silicone pipe is flexible and virtually indestructible.

Or get our wholesale glass pipe: uniquely designed and won't fail to give you a clean rip.

Many more pipes available from our Pipe Shop.

From Our Accessories

Our hemp wicks are perfect for getting stoned without those nasty butane fumes.

At a price of $13.28, we figured its a no-brainer add to the stoner wishlist!

Whether its carb caps, bowls, or ash catchers - our pipe shop has it all




Stay lit.My friend.

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