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Bongs are versatile and can be used for both herbs and concentrates. Bongs might not come with the attachment (bowl or nail/bucket) one requires for dual purpose use, so get the attachment you require today: turn that bong into a multi-purpose flower or dab burner! We carry titanium dab attachments, joint adapters, quartz bangers, bowls, downstems, and much, much, more. Be sure to check back to our expanding collection!

Joint Size

The joint, connecting the nail or bowl to the bong, must be compatible with the new piece that is being used.

Here we sale: 14mm to 18mm conversation pieces, 18.8mm to 10mm pieces, and all of the above; for joint sizes 10mm,14.5mm,14mm,18mm,18.8mm and much, much more.


Joint Angle

The joint connection typically comes up at a 90-degree angle or 45-degree angle(as with a traditional beaker bong). It's important to match joint angles when connecting larger pieces, such as ash catchers (Not so important for Nails/And Bowls). Having the incorrect joint angle can lead to a difficult time connecting the pieces.

Joint Gender

The bong joint can be male or female. If you have a female bong be sure to buy male accessories and vice versa.


If you're using a bowl to smoke bud from your bong... that bowl can easily be swapped for a nail(used to smoke dabs). The Nail is Often torched to produce the heat needed to vaporize the concentrate. We sell several nail types.

Titanium nails - withstands heat well and heats easily, stays heated longer. incredibly durable.


Quartz nails/Quartz Bowl(Banger) - Withstands heat well, cools down extremely quick


Glass nails - harder to heat, easily breaks, does not withstand heat well, may need to heat slower


Ceramic nails - takes longer to heat, stays hot longer, fragile, may heat unevenly


Carb caps - trap dab vapors and allows for more effectively preventing the loss of dab vapors. The tip end of the carb cap can also be used as a dab applicator


Dab tools/wands

A highly durable dab tool or dab wand is desirable to safely apply your concentrated wax or shatter to the dab nail. Here we describe the different varieties:


Carb Caps - As mentioned before, carb caps tend to function as a 2-in-1 tool. The pointed end can be used to apply the dab while the bucket end is used to cover and contain the vapor of the dab nail


Metal tools - Extremely difficult to break, metal dab wands are popular for durability. The metal may flake off with cheaper varieties.


Glass Wands - Glass tools are easier to break but generally more affordable... the benefit is a clean transfer of the dab without metal flaking.


Ash Catchers

A Very Popular method of reducing the particulate build-up in the bong. Ash catchers help keep a bong clean longer. Ash catchers can come as a bubbler or percolator. The Ash Catcher is a quick way to upgrade a bong - some users just prefer the extra percolators! 

Keep in mind that with an Ash Catcher: your bong's weight distribution may be off center. Make sure it does not topple over. 

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