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Are you looking to Purchase a new downstem or just need a replacement? At RockyGreenKing we sell downstems in various sizes to accommodate your glass and smoking needs. Continuing reading to learn more about downstems, how to measure a downstem, how to clean a downstem, and how to select a downstem.

What is a Downstem?

Downstems may be found in many bong types to include beaker bongs and straight tube bongs. The downstem allows smoke to flow from the slide (bowl) into the main water chamber of the bong. You can read more about bowl sizing here. Downstems are available in different lengths and sizes so it's important that you select a downstem compatible with your bong. Your downstem may be fixed or removable and include a diffuser.

Fixed vs Removable Downstems

The bong may have a fixed or a removable downstem. Fixed downstems can not be repaired when broken and will require the entire bong to be replaced (fixed downstems are also harder to clean.) Removable downstems, on the other hand, can be customized with different colors or diffusers and also be removed from the bong.

Diffuser Downstems

A Diffuser Downstem uses a diffuser, an end with small slits, and functions much the same way as a percolator does to make your smoke smoother by forcing the smoke to make more contact with the water. These diffuser downstems can work in conjunction with your percolators to provide maximum filtration and more bubbles for smoother drags.

How To Measure a Downstem?

To get the correct downstem measurement you are going to need to know the joint size of your bong and the length of the downstem. Typically your bong specification sheet will contain all the details relevant to your downstem length and joint size.

Joint size

The joint size is the measurement of the size of the hole the downstem rests on to form a seal, typically in the 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm range. If the Downstem width is two small it will not form a proper seal, if the width is two large it simply won't fit! Your bowl will slide into your downstem and will normally take a slightly smaller bowl. The first number will be the bowl size and the second number the size of your bong joint. For example a 14mm male to 18mm female downstem would work on any bong with a 14mm female joint and takes a 18mm bowl. The sizing won’t always be in this order so just remember that the “male” portion of the downstem is what goes into the bong, and the “female” portion will be the bowl size that you need for the downstem. You must insert a male bowl into the downstems female joint.

Downstem Length

Downstems come in many different lengths so it’s important to have one that fits properly. The manufacturer will typically measure the downstem from the base of the joint to the tip.

The downstem must be long enough to connect your bowl to the water in the main chamber of your bong - too short and it will not reach the water, too long and it simply won’t fit. You can try using a straw to estimate the length a replacement will need to be if you do not have access to your bongs specification sheet. Make sure that the downstem is long enough to have the tip submerged in the water to produce bubbles, but not so long that the tip touches the glass.

How to Clean A Downstem

You will need to detach your downstem from the bong and soak it into a rubbing alcohol solution with salt for agitation. Let the solution soak for two hours then shake. A pipe cleaner, if available, will help scrub the insides better. Be sure to rinse with water thoroughly. You do not want any solution left on your downstem.

Downstem Guide

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