Collection: Crystal Pipes

We have the perfect stones for the perfect stoners 

coming now in 4 different gem types!

Things to Note when buying a crystal pipe:

Why do some of our products lack Carbs?

The carb or (the little hole in the side) is not always present in smaller pipes. The carb is not needed when there is less smoke to clear. However, despite the fact, we have heard your cries and have now addressed your carb cravings by providing a line of stones with carbs that come in a variety of colors!

Why are there cracks in my Pipe?

Our crystal Pipes are made by sanding - so minor cracks may be present from the manufacturing process. However, don't let it fool you. Our crystal stone pipes are priced to sale... and a piece this Unique is hard to come by.

How do you clean a crystal pipe?

A crystal Pipe can be cleaned much the same way as a normal pipe. We recommend isopropyl alcohol and salt - shaking in a bag then rinsing or using a pipe cleaner. 

Do these stones have healing properties?

While we do consider new aged properties of crystal healing to be a pseudo science at best... We do NOT endorse the use of crystal healing or any of their metaphysical properties. However, we find it fun to think about the most popular stones:


An absolute beauty and legendary in power to soothe both the mind, body, and spirit. Amethyst is a variety of quartz that varies in purples based on its concentration of iron. Be proud to smoke from our amethyst crystal pipe. Amethyst the crystal was once purported to be as popular as diamond, worshiped, and until today - smoked!

Flourite healing properties:

-A multi-purpose gem that boosts the immune system and aids in the regeneration of DNA. Aids in helping the skin, arthritis, injuries, ulcers and more.

-Rids negative energy and reduces stress and increases positivity.

-Boost mental faculties to include increased learning, better balance, and increased self-self confidence and rational.

Rose Quartz:

Is the stone of love and it is unconditional. Rose quartz promotes forgiveness, love, friendships, and peace. Rose Quartz increases fertility and increases illness recovery.  Rose quarts purifies the body and speeds recovery. The power of love is strong, and with it comes better relationships and a healthier mind and body.

Red Quartz:

Red quartz encourages positive action. Increase your energy and positivity. Red quartz is like a fresh cup of coffee. Be energized awake and ready to conquer the world. We would recommend an energizing sativa to go with this stone. Heal your mind, body, and spirit and get to action, be motivated and determined ready to conquer.

Parting Words

Just like pipes are to bongs. Crystal Pipes are to Glass. Let this be the coolest pipe you ever buy. 10% discount when you buy today!