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Glass One Hitter Glass Pipes for Sale - Pack of 15

Glass One Hitter Glass Pipes for Sale - Pack of 15

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This Glass one hitter pipe is perfect for moving around and enjoying with friends (rather then those pesky, bulky, heavy bongs! ). This is quick-hit smoking pipe and the pipe comes in blue, pink, orange, green, grey or clear. You can Purchase a pack of 15 clear or 15 with assorted colors. 


Height: 4inches

Color: Comes in a Bulk Pack of 15 multi-color or 15 Clear

Use: One Hitter

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Arrival in 1- 4 Weeks

More Information

How to Use a Glass One Hitter?

First you'll want to grind your material and then pack the longer tube untill its full. Then light the tip and then inhale through the opposite side. Slowly release the smoke and enjoy, remember to tap the tube time to time to get rid of the excess ash.


+ How to Use a Glass One Hitter


+ How to Clean a Glass One Hitter

How to Clean a Glass One Hitter?

Cleaning a one-hitter is a simple process.

In reality, one hitters were created for ease of use both when smoking but you might be wondering how to clean such a narrow piece of glass.

Cleaning a one-hitter with a shop pipe cleaning solution

Any of the best pipe cleaning solutions on the market would undoubtedly do the trick.

Using said items will suffice, but you'll need to budget for them, as they can be very expensive, especially if you'll be using them on a regular basis.

There are tons of pipe cleaning solution options on the market that can get the job done, but let's face it: you came to this website to learn how to clean your one-hitter pipe using chemicals you already have in your shelves.

How to Clean a One-Hit Wonder With Items You Already Have

Let's get straight to the issue. The most essential component is rubbing alcohol, which you can have on hand. For disinfecting a one-hitter, it is both inexpensive and reliable.

To clean a one-hitter, follow these five steps:

1. Get yourself a Ziplock case.

Disassemble your one-hitter pipe and store it in a plastic container.

2. Pour in the Alcohol

Apply enough alcohol to fully submerge the one hitter.

3. Pour in 2 oz. of hot water

Get your sink as hot as possible, then pour 2 oz of hot water into the ziplock bag containing your one-hitter pipe, alchol and salt.

4. Season with salt

Add a tablespoon of coarse sea salt to the mixture (the more course the salt, the better it will be to break down the grime).

5. Rinse and shake

It's time to shake the mixture! Allow the salt to do all of the work for you. Enable the one-hitter to soak in the mixture for 1-3 hours. If you feel too impatient, simply check on your pipe and shake it again.

When you're confident you've absorbed all of the resin, use a q-tip to search for any residual buildup in the interior of the one-hitter.

What do you do after your pipe is clean?

Isopropyl alcohol is a highly flammable substance. It is not a smart idea to light up your pipe without fully rinsing it

To ensure that all isopropyl alcohol is removed, rinse 10 to 15 times and then again for good measure.

After that, let it air dry. It's time to load, burn, and ash your one hitter

What are the benefits of keeping your One Hitter clean?

In a nutshell, you probably dont want to be smoking all that grime.

It's important to smoke out of clean pipes if you want to hold your lungs in good condition and have better tasting rips. After the first rip, what happens to your piece? Resin starts to form. The resin is harmful, because it produces bacteria that can invade the lungs.

final thoughts

One of the most critical aspects of the everyday  smoking routine is keeping a one-hitter tidy. You'll sleep safer and be able to believe that you're receiving the cleanst hit possible.

Another advantage is that the flavor of clean smoke unrivaled. Wouldn't you want to taste the full unhindered glory of  your smoke?

That's just what we think.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Keep it clean and smoke on!


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