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Rocky Green King

Stackable Bong

Stackable Bong

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This is the stackable bong. The bong has 3 components: a beaker base, a tree percolator, and coil percolator that can be stacked right on top of each other. Not only does this make the bong easier to clean, but you can also buy more accessories to make your bong more customable, and mix and match pieces.

Components that come in this stackable multi-chamber bong includes the tree percolator, which can help create more bubbles to make your smoke smoother. There is also the coil percolator which helps to force the smoke to get even cooler by adding more distance with the aid of the coil. 

Stackable Bong Specifics

Height: 16.5 inches - this bong is super tall which helps get the bong smoke smoother by giving more time for the smoke to cool down as it rises. Some people may chose to add more modular pieces to make the bong even taller!

Joint: 18.8mm Female - a nice, large, opening to the bowl lets smoke flow in more easily

Thickness: 3mm - glass is thin so hey! Try not to drop the bong!

Includes: Glass Bong, Bowl, Diffused Downstem, 2pc Plastic Keck Clip
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