Bongs For Women

Bongs for Women - July 2022 Arrivals

Women Bongs are a special category of bong made with the classic female features in mind.

We have plenty of bongs for women coming available soon, because who said that smoking just had to be for men? That's why we will be updating all our new women bong arrivals to our girly bong collection.

Feel free to shop around, or read on to see some of our bongs that will be available soon. Here are some of the bongs we are bringing back. 

10 Inch Small Girly Recycler Bong - For Women

This small girly recycler bong takes a great deal of precision to make. From popular demand we are bringing it back. Two chambers help filter the smoke into a blissful toke, just read more about our recycler bongs here. Product will be available August in limited quantities.

Barbie Bong - For Women

Our Barbie bong is another masterpiece that we are bringing back. This barbie beaker bong is a nice portable height of 11 inches, and is one of the most demanding pieces we have available for women. Be sure to get your Barbie Bong on August! It's a pink, lean, smoke machine!

Cute Girl Recycler - For Women

Here is another great recycler rig that you can not miss out on. Our cute girly recycler cycles water through a second chamber to get that smoke super chill right before you take a puff. Also available in limited quantities, you can find our cute girly bong here. 

The Women Heart Bong

 Last, but not least, we can not forget our girly heart bong for women. We love this piece because it is small, cute and makes for a great gift! (Our new model will look slightly different, but we are sure you will love it!)


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