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Several times a year we like to show case bongs that are under priced from clearance, the holidays, or more inventory coming in. Here you can find bongs that are under priced by 100, 40, 30 and even 20 dollars.

Bongs Under 20

These bongs are more cheaply built and tend to be made out of inexpensive material such as silicone.

Bongs under 20 dollars will be smaller, and have less features, but you will still get a functional piece. 

Bongs Under 30

These bongs are better designed then bongs under 20 but still come with some draw backs. For such an inexpensive bong you are still going to have glass with smaller form factors.

Good thing is that these 30 dollar bongs start to come in more uniquely designed shapes such as the heart bong. These bongs are more similar to quick hitters and you will need to spend more money if you want something bigger. 

Bongs Under 40

For bongs under 40 you start getting into glass  that looks and feel more like a normal bong. The form factor might still be small but you can generally get more better looking bongs and more features at the 40 dollar price point.

Granted, your bong might need to make trade offs between its size and the amount of percolation it has so we would recommend a good straight-tube or beaker bong (those tend to be more affordable for the price).

Bongs Under 100

Bongs Under 100 are bongs that start to resemble quality bongs. Bongs at the 100 dollar price mark are crafted better, have better designs, and are also bigger. 

Bigger bongs can hold more smoke, so you might start to realize how spending slightly more gets you a MUCH better bong. You can find good Straight-Tube and Beaker bongs at the 100 dollar range or just check out our bong shop.


That's all for now. Happy Toking :)

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