Blue Tree Bong

  • $70.00

 This is the blue tree bong. The bong features two tree percolators stacked on top of each other, with their own compartment ( we have more multi chamber bongs here) help filter your smoke to a better hit.

Simply fill the bong with water and maneuver the water into each chamber, untill each tree percolator has the arms submerge with water, and let it rip!

The tiny arms of these tree arm percolators diffuse the smoke in to two compartments aided by a splash guard, which can be filled with ice for an even smother smoke.

The bong is of a beaker bong design, which allows large smoke to accumulate thorough the system, so you can take even heavier rips!

We recommend you give this bong a try while supplies last ;)

Height: 12.6 in

Joint: 18.8mm

Weight: 550g

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