How to Buy A Bong

What should you consider before buying a bong? We will find out what you can do to purchase bong with the perfect size, the optimal percolator type, and at a good price.

All smokers wouldn't be smokers without owning at least one bong. Fortunately, you dont have to drop big stacks to get a decent bong. Selection can vary from high tiered premium brands with tons of features and high end percolators to inexpensive bongs - like silicone bongs that do not break.

So what does a bong do? A bong uses water to help smooth and cool the smoke when you inhale. Bongs come in many different varieties to suit the needs of the smoker. More popular bong varieties are the straight-tube bong and the beaker bong, but there are many more styles as well. Some newer styles may not even have names yet!

Lets explore some of the optimal features that you would want to have when buying a bong. 

Are Bigger Bongs Better?

Smokers would quick to think that a bigger bong is a better bong and we can't help but agree that some of these bigger pieces look absolutely awesome in a glass collection. If you are a new smoker, however, a large bong might be a bit too much to handle, especially when you have inexperienced lungs. 

If your a beginner smoker but want a piece that would grow with you we recommend that you check out some of our popular 10 or 14 in bongs. Its the perfect size to grow with you and get a feel for your glass. 

If you are one that likes the taste of the smoke it might be better to go with a smaller bong. Small bongs keep the flavor profile of the smoke much better and are more portable. Some small bongs might hit more harshly though. 

Bong Types

More communities are able to enjoy smoke, especially in the United States. Bongs come in many different varieties but here are some of the most popular:

Glass Bongs - Glass bongs are popular because they are clean, sharp, and can be blown into almost any shape. Glass bongs can be made thicker or thinner depending on the way you smoke so be sure to buy the right one

Silicone Bongs - Are nearly indestructible and some can even withstand a good amount of heat. It provides a different look and feel and is also light weight.

Percolator Bongs - Percolators can be added to the bong to increase smoke diffusion which translates to a better hit. Percs can create drag which means that you have to inhale more strongly to get the smoke.  Some people like drag, it is a personal preference.

Ice Bongs - a splash guard lets you add ice to the neck of the bong so that your smoke doesn't hit your lungs so harshly. We also have glycerin bongs that can be stored in the freezer for cool hits always.

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