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Rocky Green King

18 Inch water pipe

18 Inch water pipe

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This is the 18 inch water pipe. This water pipe is ideal for smoking and gives you a full 18 inches for the smoke to run through the pipe and cool down. There is also an ice pinch at the top, so that you can add ice cubes, to further cool down the smoke. Just dont get it too cool and freeze your lungs!

Because of the 18 inches, this water pipe is super tall! There are three percolators: a drum perc at the bottom, a tree percolator, and a dome percolator at the neck... to give your smoke that filtration it needs to hit smooth.  This bong is a straight tube that is more long then wide, so make sure that your careful to not be tipping it over.

18 Inch Water Pipe Specifics.

Height: 18 inches

Thickness: 5mm - this is a nice medium thickness that's not overly thick but not too thin

Joint Size: 18mm

Weight: 840g

Glass type: Borosilicate Glass  which is strong (but still breakable)

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