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These are our 18mm bongs and they all have 18mm joints which is one of the most popular joint sizes for bongs. The 18mm bong is about 3/4 bigger then a 14mm bong so dont you go buying the wrong bowl

The 18mm joint is more common with larger bongs but you may occasionally find these on medium sized bongs as well to maximize the air flow.

Is 14mm or 18mm more common for bongs?

14mm is more common for bongs but you may still find 18mm joints on the larger sized bongs. To figure out which joint type your bong uses it can easily be checked using a dime. If the dime is the same size at the joint it will most likely be a 14mm.

If the dime can fall into the hole it will be a 18mm joint. If the dime is much bigger then the joint then it is more then likely a 10mm joint.

Which bowl size do large silicone bongs use? 14.5mm or 18mm?

A silicone bong will most commonly have 14.5mm sized joints but 18mm is also possible on the larger silicone bongs. You can check out any bong accessory store to get the proper bowl. 

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