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 If your a smoking enthusiast and and want to change up your smoking routine, you'll find that bongs come in many great colors. Whether you're a clear glass purist or you're into color-coded bongs, you'll find the right color for your needs. Here are some of the different colored bongs:

Purple Bongs

Clear Bongs

Pink Bongs

Orange Bongs

Blue Bongs

Green Bongs

Brown Bongs

Rainbow Bongs


Purple Bongs

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Adding some purple to your smoking routine can be a great idea. Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty and extravagance due to the expensive ingredients that were once needed. Purple can be any hue of color that is between red and blue. You can find all of our purple bongs here

Our Vortex Klein Recycler comes in purple, and uses twisting, inter-linking tubes to help get that smoke cooled down before you take in a big gulp.
If your into outer space, our purple galaxy bong is a great way to smoke and enjoy the cosmos at the same time. 
The Purple propeller perc has a twisting propeller that is moves and turns by the force of the water and air when ever you take a draw of fresh smoke!


Clear Bongs

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Clear bongs are transparent and lets you clearly see the the smoke move, the water churn, and looks great when you inhale to the smoke smoke. The clear bongs are easy to clean, have that classic look, and are perfect for those that like to see the smoke move in action!

The Clear Triple Cyclone Recycler bong is one of our most popular clear bongs. You will see the smoke cycle through each chamber as you take a drag. This is a nice piece that can be used by any serious smoker. 

The clear Fab Egg Recycler is another rig that lets you see exactly what's going on inside as you take a puff. The entire rig continuously cycles your smoke to get those fumes nice and cool.

The Penis Bong Bubber is a clear shaped penis bong that allows you to see all the water and smoke move as you take puffs through the tip. 

This 12 in Tall Clear Honeycomb Rig is another bong that lets you see exactly what is going on inside of the chambers. Light goes straight through the bong and lets you see all he chambers.

Pink Bongs

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Pink is often associated with femininity and romance. Some of our girly pink bongs even glow in the dark. Pink is technically a pale tint of red, but is a good color that especially makes the bong stand out. 


Our hot pink bong glows in the dark and is featured in our girly bong collection. Anyone is sure to love this seductive, pink bong! 

This gorgeous flamingo pink recycler has pink colored tubing and is of small dimensions. This is a nice smoker, for those that don't a large bong, but a rig that can still cycle the smoke. 

This pink bubblegum colored rig has percolators to match! If you want a bong that hit nicely and is of small stature, this is the bong for you. Hey but you can always get a different colored recycler rig as well. 

Orange bongs

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Orange is often associated with amusement, warmth, and energy. Orange bongs are the taxi of bongs, because orange, quite frankly, stands out! Orange is in between yellow on red on the visible light spectrum. 

Our unbreakable, silicone, straight tube bong comes in orange and is quite portable.

Blue Bongs

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One can never go wrong with a blue bong. Blue is often associated with harmony, knowledge, and also the cold. Blue is one of the most popular colors and is also one of the three primary colors. There is a wide selection of blue bongs available on our site.  

The blue tornado bong harmoniously spins the water as you smoke, for a cool twisting effect, while you can also enjoy smoking out of the bong colored by a deep sea blue. 

This ultra marine, blue tree bong is in the shape of a beaker and super cool to look at. Two blue percolators will help diffuse the smoke!

This blue glow in the dark bong will be envy of them all. The bong is in the shape of a blue beaker and glows in the dark when exposed to light. 

Deep blue stackable bong is completely detachable. All pieces can be separated, for easy cleaning, or more pieces can be added and combined to create a super customizable rig. 

This unbreakable Azure bong is a portable, collapsible, and easy to use. Its a bit on the smaller size so keep this in mind! However, this piece is super affordable!

This navy colored blue bong has blue honeycomb percolators to match!  Buy this bong and enjoy a nice cool cool smoke flow as the smoke flows and cools through all of the blue multichambered percolators

Green Bongs

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Green bongs have a color that is between cyan and yellow on the visible light spectrum. Green is most noticeably found in plants and is a color associated with nature and life. Green bongs can be found online in our store.  


This green tornado bong is a gorgeous emerald green and twist the water rapidly as you inhale. 

This shamrock colored bong is super big, and measures a whopping 19 inches tall. You can take deep puffs, and two green double tree percolators cool down the smoke. 

This is a pear colored vortex klein recycler bong that is even shaped like a pear. But hey! the flavors you get out of this will be much better ;) The rim and base of this recycler is painted green and is one of our most popular water pipes!


This fern colored beaker bong is super sleek and stackable! This stackable , multichambered green beaker bong has a tree percolator in the middle to help trap those awful particulates that would make smoke harsh!


This seafoam colored bong is super affordable! Want to take it somewhere, no problem. This bong can literally squeeze into your pocket. This green straight tube bong also comes in other colors. 

This green propeller percolator bong has 3 spinning blades that spin as you inhale the smoke. This is quite a unique piece that is has a green colored sprinkler perc in the bottom as well. 



This green bong is technically a teal color bong, but is a nice calming color to smoke from. The bong has three separate teal chambers with tree percolators to help get that smoke nice and filtered.  

This forest green honeycomb bong has 3 honeycomb percolators to help filter the smoke. These honeycomb bongs also come in other colors if you prefer a something different. 



This deluxe glass recycler is technically teal, but is that perfect color for those that want a bong looking cool, as well as delivering cool hits! More colored recycler bongs and rigs can be found here. 

Brown Bongs

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Brown bongs are orange, a color made by combining orange and black colors. Brown is a darker shade of Orange and is seen in nature, wood, and soil. Brown is often associated with feces and poverty, but brown bongs are also great in representing autumn!

This brown bong is super compressible and can collapse down to a pancake. Hey, this bong might even fit in your wallet! Keep in mind, this is a small water pipe

Rainbow Bongs

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Rainbow bongs contain many colors. Rainbows are found in nature and contain red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you don't know what color bong to get, then simply check out the rainbow bong!


The rainbow bong will be discontinued soon so buy it while supplies last. The bong has the three primary colors of light: red, yellow, and blue, with a mean streak of purple on the bottom

What Color Bong Will You Buy?

Bongs come in many fantastic colors and shapes. We are constantly updating our inventory, so if you did not see the color you like be sure to check out our colorful bong shop. Our inventory is constantly updating! :)


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