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These girly bongs below can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes. Feel free to take a look at our different sized girly bongs and pipes or click to learn more.

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If you're looking to purchase a  bong with a little bit more pink, or if you are in need of a cute bong - you have come to the right place!  Girly bongs, come in pretty pinks or purples to put some swag back into your smoking routine! 

girly girl

These girly bongs are perfect for the Smoker chicks and gals that want to add a feminine touch or just some glitter to their bong!

What to Look For In A Girly Bong?

For a girl buying a bong, it's important to pay attention to the girly bongs look, feel height, and features. Don't buy the girly bong just because it is super pink. We have a great guide that talks about the various shapes of bongs here, and a guide that takes about the different percolators a bong can have. Sure you might want a girly bong just for its womanly touches, but it's also important to get a girly bong that is equally functional!

If you're looking for a female-gendered bong that is smaller and a bit more portable, try one of our smaller girly bongs that range in size from micro (at 2 inches) to about (8 inches). These girly bongs are also in pink and purple, fit right in your purse, and can be taken everywhere with you and your makeup!

If you want a beautiful bong for, entertaining guests as well, we recommend a taller bong (10inches +).


You might notice that some of our girly water pipes come with either a bowl or a quartz banger at checkout. These specialty pieces can be used for concentrates (dabs) or your herbs but don't worry if you do not see a banger option. If you want to use your girly rig for dabbing, these "bangers" can be purchased separately from our attachments shop. We have plenty of purple and pink bowls and bangers.

Should You Buy a Girly Silicone or A Girly Glass Bong?

You might have noticed a few of our tall pink girly silicone bongs. Silicone rigs tend to be a little bit more well-priced than our glass bongs, however, you will miss out on the finer touches that a girly glass bong can bring to the table. Don't get me wrong, girly silicone bongs are harder to break, but if you can afford the price, we think a girly glass rig is more elegant.

Where to get Girly Pipes and Girly Bongs?

A local headshop could be a good place to start, as long as you want to get your lipstick on and go out for shopping! But - if you rather not spend the hassle of moving around looking for a cute bong for hours, and an online girly bong catches your eye, then we would recommend - seeing if we carry the bong here!

How Do You Clean A Girly Bong?

Girly bongs can be cleaned just like any other bong. You will need Isopropyl Alcohol and Epsom Salt. Poor the two into the bong and then cover the top hole and bowl hole with a zip block back, then secure it with a rubber band. Start Shaking that girly bong until the salt and alcohol work their way around and your solution turns black. Dump it out and rinse with water until your bong is sparkly clean.

To clean your bowl and downstem (if applicable) you will want to do the same steps except with a zip-block bag. Pour your solution into the zip-block back and shake until your solution works its way through your accessories. Rince your pieces with water and your glass should be good as new!

Description Of The Girly Bong

Aside from being super cute! These girly girl bongs are a bit daintier than most, but some also have very thick glass so don't let us fool ya ;). You might notice some of our girly bongs below that have a flower shape on it, and there is another one in the shape of a penis. We basically have one for every style of the female sex. Our Tall Squiggly girly bong is super curvey ;) There are also a few girly Silicone ones that are nearly indestructible!

Well, that's it for now! <3


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